Date Topic Readings Assignments Links
08/31 Introduction to Course and Propositional Logic Slides
09/04 Propositional Logic Chapter 1 (Huth and Ryan) HW1 out Slides; QED; Tips for Natural Deduction
09/07 First-order Logic Chapter 2 (Huth and Ryan) Slides; Proof Template
09/14 Modal Logic I Chapter 5 (Huth and Ryan) HW1 due SlidesNotes
09/18 Modal Logic II HW2 out Slides
09/21 Temporal Logic I Chapter 3.1-3.3 (Huth and Ryan)   Goranko's LTL slidesAllen Temporal Relations; Vardi 1996
09/28 Temporal Logic II HW2 due; HW3 out
10/02 Temporal Logic III
10/05 Computation Tree Logic (CTL) Chapter 3.4-3.7 (Huth and Ryan)
10/09 CTL II HW3 due
10/12 Intro to Spatial Logic  
10/16 Spatial Logic II
10/19 Spatial Logic III
10/23 Quiz
10/26 Region Connection Calculus/Intersection Calculus
10/30 Epistemic Logic I
11/02 Epistemic Logic II
11/06 Dynamic Logic I
11/09 Dynamic Logic II
11/13 Perception Logic I
11/16 Perception Logic II
11/20 Conditional Logic I
11/27 Conditional Logic II
11/30 Bisimulation Theory
12/04 Simulation Semantics
12/07 Review
12/11 Quiz