09/01Introduction to Course and Propositional LogicHuth and Ryan – Chapter 1Review Syntax and Semantics of PLSlides
09/05Propositional LogicChapter 1 (Huth and Ryan)HW1 outSlides; QED; Tips for Natural Deduction
09/08First-order LogicChapter 2 (Huth and Ryan)Slides; Proof Template
09/12Modal Logic Axioms
09/19Modal Logic IChapter 5.1-5.4 (Huth and Ryan)HW1 dueSlidesNotes
09/22Modal Logic IIHW2 outSlides
09/26Brandeis Monday
09/29Temporal Logic IChapter 3.1-3.3 (Huth and Ryan)Goranko’s LTL slidesAllen Temporal Relations; Vardi 1996
10/03Computation Tree Logic (CTL)Chapter 3.4-3.7 (Huth and Ryan)HW2 due; HW3 outLTL and CTL Slides; CTL Slides
10/06Temporal Logic IISlidesTense Aspect and Event Structure
10/10Bisimulation Theory and Hybrid Logic IBisimulation Slides; Hybrid Slides
10/13Counterfactual Logic IReadingsHW3 due; HW4 outNotes
10/17Counterfactual Logic IIReadingsNotes
10/20Hybrid Logic IIBlackburn Slides; Areces Slides
10/24QuizHW4 due
10/27Spatial Logic IPoint set topologySlides; Galton Slides
10/31Spatial Logic IIRegion Connection Calculus/Intersection CalculusHW5 outQSR; Spatial Calculus Slides
11/03Spatial Logic IIIA New Modal Logic for Space/Modal Logic of Space
11/07Dynamic Logic I
11/10Dynamic Logic IIPropositional Dynamic LogicHW5 dueSlides
11/14Dynamic Logic IIIHW6 out
11/17Epistemic Logic IChapter 5.5 (Huth and Ryan)Decidability Slides; Epistemic Slides
11/24Epistemic Logic IIPacuit Slides; Plaza Slides
11/28Deontic Logic IHW6 due
12/01Deontic Logic IIHW7 out
12/05Simulation Semantics I
12/08Simulation Semantics IIMotion Strategy LabControlling wild bodies using LTL
?ReviewHW7 due