Problem Set 6

Problem Set 6 on propositional dynamic logic is posted here. It will be due on Tuesday, November 20.

Note: This problem set is optional. If you do this problem set and do well on it, you will receive extra credit. If not, it will have no impact on your grade.

Problem Set 3

Problem Set 3 on basic modal logic is posted here. It will be due on Tuesday, October 9. For this problem set, the LaTeX source is also included, so that you can fill in your answers on the assignment itself if you want. Note that if you want to draw Kripke models, you will need the packages PGF and TikZ (available here).

Template for and typo in Problem Set 2

A LaTeX template for Problem Set 2, containing the questions and space to put your answers, is available here (courtesy of Jamie).


Also, there is a typo in one of the exercises in the book: in exercise 2.3, problem 13(h), in the second premise, the “for all y” should be “for all x”. This has been corrected in the template above.

Problem Set 1

Problem Set 1 is available here. It will be due on Friday, September 14. Some helpful tips for the natural deduction proofs are available here.


Submission instructions: You can hand in your answers electronically (via LATTE) or on paper. If you’re submitting electronically, the LATTE submission box will be open until 11:59 PM (it says 11:55, but we’ll give you the extra 4 minutes). If you’re submitting a hard copy, note that I (Ken) will not be on campus at 11:59 PM, so to guarantee that I get it on time, you will need to hand in your assignment in class. Alternatively, you can scan (or even take a picture with your phone, as long as your work is legible) your assignment and submit it through LATTE.